The Event and Media landscape is changing, Covid has forced people to view the world from the safety of their homes. Sydney Event Services has risen to the challenge and enabled content creators and institutions to get their visions into peoples homes, utilising the studio spaces at Sydney Props Photo Studios to facilitate streams and content creation.

Sydney Event Services provides services, equipment and labour to all media and production environments, from film and television production to events and installations. Providing specialist knowledge in lighting design and execution, creative direction and event management in Sydney for almost a decade. 

Managing Director Mitchel Hancock brings a comprehensive history of event lighting, vision and audio production, with an extensive technical knowledge set to ensure that a production goes ahead without a show stopping issue from getting in the way.

Head of Lighting and Vision, Jordan Allison has come on board to make the world in front of camera reach the directors vision, lending a careers experience of Film and Television, commercial and drama lighting as well as extensive camera department.

From your mate’s backyard gig to your local council’s festival to your tv screen, Sydney Event Services has, can and will bring your visions to fruition. 

Find us at or call at 02 8593 2889.